I’ve been hammering away at pieces of silver for the last few months, inexpertly crafting bits and pieces for myself and loved ones. I’ve cut & soldered & beaten & ground & polished and even as a beginner it has been possible to create a few things of beauty. I can’t help but contrast the… Continue reading Hammer-wielder

Birthday presents

It was my birthday recently. I got flowers and fizz and a pelvic floor stimulator…   Yay! All exciting. I did laugh at the perfect timing of the arrival of the pelvic floor strengther from Innovo. I had signed up when I saw Innovo were looking for leaky product testers on Gransnet, so it wasn’t… Continue reading Birthday presents


so I filled in the form and clicked send and now I am wondering why on earth I thought there was any point

Looking back to move forwards

I need to practice sharing my creative ideas in a way that makes it easy for others to understand, not just end products but the processes that lead me there. I tend to shy away from this, assuming that if people were really bothered to know then they would just ask, but unfortunately to be… Continue reading Looking back to move forwards

From log to legs ~ a rural woodworking weekend

I kicked off my autumn with a rather enjoyable weekend of wooden stool-making in rural Cornwall with Turning Hare Woodcraft. It was two days of using hand tools and being mostly off-grid and focusing on pieces of wood and how to shape them into something useful and lovely. I was incredibly lucky to win my… Continue reading From log to legs ~ a rural woodworking weekend

Diving for sweets

Searching my laptop for files to delete I came across this home movie from #4’s birthday, dated 2008. Here’s one little glimpse of him as birthday boy on the day he became a teenager. He turns 21 in less than a month and is “not bothered” about celebrating. I’d like to celebrate him and his… Continue reading Diving for sweets

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(not) accepting mediocrity

I was trying to write a post about about acepting my own Mediocrity, about coming to the realisation that perhaps I am just not very good at the things I either think I am good at or want to be good at. Even as I wrote it I knew that these feelings usually blow over… Continue reading (not) accepting mediocrity

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