I’ve been hammering away at pieces of silver for the last few months, inexpertly crafting bits and pieces for myself and loved ones. I’ve cut & soldered & beaten & ground & polished and even as a beginner it has been possible to create a few things of beauty. I can’t help but contrast the… Continue reading Hammer-wielder


so I filled in the form and clicked send and now I am wondering why on earth I thought there was any point

In the footsteps of giants

I’ve just got back from spending five days in the company of a lovely bunch of fellow writers. I’m exhausted! I was lucky enough to get on to a course at Arvon in Hebden Bridge on writing for games, run by David Varela and Jon Ingold. Amazing place – once lived in by Ted Hughes… Continue reading In the footsteps of giants

Reverent Actions Book

I just got back from three days of intense book development in Newcastle, working on the creation of a tangible object that captures the output from the Reverent Actions (action)research project. We inhabited a small room at the Newcastle Arts Centre, a group of people who have been involved over the past couple of years (is… Continue reading Reverent Actions Book

A new year & new projects. 2014.

Well here we are in 2014 and we are all busy getting on with different projects. Emily is working with Sunshine on the exciting Skype Collaboration Project and has just got back from NY Fashion Week and plunged into London Fashion Week. Harriet is organising various events and festivals around London/Southbank, working on LOCO and… Continue reading A new year & new projects. 2014.

What Happens After The Ball?

featherhouse were once again invited to show work for Decima in an exhibition, this time in London at a temporary pop-up gallery in collaboration with Jackie Clarke and Nomad Galleries – What Happens After The Ball? Adapting the photo collage technique used for the Britain’s Rubbish exhibition, featherhouse again allowed romantic fictional characters to invade… Continue reading What Happens After The Ball?

featherhouse at Tate Modern

On the weekend of 12/13th December 2009, feather house went to the Tate Modern for Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market, where we were selling more romance-themed items on the Tate Modern  Turbine Hall Bridge– beating heart books, prints from Britain’s Rubbish and What Happens After The Ball, as well as some beautiful lighting inspired by exploding males torsos… Continue reading featherhouse at Tate Modern