What Happens After The Ball?

featherhouse were once again invited to show work for Decima in an exhibition, this time in London at a temporary pop-up gallery in collaboration with Jackie Clarke and Nomad Galleries – What Happens After The Ball?

Adapting the photo collage technique used for the Britain’s Rubbish exhibition, featherhouse again allowed romantic fictional characters to invade well known tourist spots. This time in giant form, and in Picadilly, spreading the big love at the nation’s dazzlingly colourful home of Eros and er, Coca-cola….

The A3 print outs were positioned near the thermostat in the gallery… sizzling!

after the ball

Nomad Galleries, Jackie Clark & Decima present

An art show not to be missed nor sniffed at

W H A T?H A P P E N S?A F T E R?T H E?B A L L ?

Adam Dant + Stephen Gill + Mark McGowan + James Hopkins + Vicki Gold & Alex Fear + Simon Ould + Brian Morrissey + Eleanor Lindsay Fynn + Mark McGowan + Joy Collie + Ingrid Z + Piers Wardle + Jackie Clark + Laura Oldfield-Ford + Louise Camrass + Micalef + Richard Niman + Gilbert & George + David C West + Derrick Welsh + Alex Chappel + Angelica Fernando + Byron Pritchard + Dr. Adolf Steg + Emma Andrews + Emma Forsberg + Featherhouse + Francis Farmer + Geoff Hautman + Geraldine Cox + Geraldine Ryan + Harriet Fleuriot + Ian Wright + Jackson D Ferguson + Jenny Gordon + Josephine Ada Chinonye Chime + Julesy P + Katarina Forss + Kate Ketchup + Larry McGinity + Louise Loudoun + Mark Reeves + Mel Simone Elliot + Natasha Morland + Oliver Dungey + Richard Starbuck + Rob Sargent + Rudi, Count Phalle + Takayuki Hara + Tom McDougall + Rose Mouton

Dress for after the ball.

We cannot emphasise enough, this event is strictly INVITE ONLY. To gain entry you MUST rsvp here as “coming” or go to www.decimagallery.com and follow the links. This is a legal requirement of the venue so there will be no exceptions, sorry. Get on the guest list.

What happens after the ball??That’s what I want to know.?In the one step they all hold you so near?and whisper things that a girl shouldn’t hear.

But in the two step?They have a new step?that isn’t in the dance at all.

And when the band began you’d have a surprise.?You could tell their thoughts by the look in their eyes?If that’s what they do when they’re dancing…?What happens after the ball?